You Know You’re A Knitter When…

… you end up sat next to a couple of people (a family) at an event. And you can tell straight away that one of them is wearing a (pretty fun) hand knit jumper.  Not only that but I was pretty sure I could tell from the look of it what yarn had been used. Because it was done in one of those varying self striping yarns in a very distinct colour way (It’s been discontinued although a quick google tells me some places still have some colours of it).

I had two balls of that exact colourway and knitted myself a scarf with it years ago.  I can see the remnant in one of my yarn boxes now and I don’t think there’s enough to do anything with.  I’m hankering to get it out though,

I checked and the mum of the family told me she had knit it for her son.  I didn’t ask her if I was right about the yarn she used.  I didn’t want her to think I was weird.

But now I’ve come home and blogged about it probably everyone reading it will think I’m weird. So perhaps I should have asked her after all.

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