Up and Down

Things have been a bit up and down lately.  I don’t think the majority of it made it here for various reasons but a lot of shit kicked off in the week or two before Christmas (a problem with my flat that took a while to resolve and still isn’t 100% there; some horrendous attempts at wheelchair access that have meant I can no longer go somewhere I used to go to several times a year and a couple of other things).

So Christmas was good but I’d been so very overwhelmed and stressed in the days before that I enjoyed it a lot but I was very aware of the fact that I really could have done with a quiet several days first to enjoy it more without feeling so tired.  I enjoyed the food and spending time with family and got gifts that I’d wanted so it was really good. Plus I think most people liked the gifts I got them (slight mishap where my sister’s partner and I both bought her the same book) Since then things have felt like they are improving as I’ve caught up on rest and stresses have decreased.

But now there’s the threat of snow.

And that stresses me out. Because it means I have to go out and do all the things the minute they need doing. Replace the food I’ve eaten straight away and go to the pharmacy or the post office the very minute I become aware I need to. Can’t take the risk of not. Can’t take the risk that today’s the day I decide to stay at home and watch crap telly and knit all day. Because what if tomorrow’s the day I wake up to a world turned white overnight? Lovely to look at but no good for wheelchair wheels.

So, yeah. Things are a little up and down right now.

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