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Up until last year I had a survey I did at the end of every year and had done so for many years. I never got round to doing it last year and I don’t think I want to do it this year. Mostly because I can’t be bothered.  And I thought about writing some sort of round up of the year.

But it would basically be “had some good times, had some bad times. No one died. Went to one wedding and one friend and a couple of my cousins had babies. Wrote a lot but not everything I wanted. Some regrets but not as many as I could have.” and being that took five sentences it doesn’t really need it’s own entry.

I did think it might be interesting to do the opening lines thing that’s been doing the rounds though. So here is a round up of my year through the first line of the first entry I wrote on my blog each month. Clicking on the month takes you to the entry.

January I’ve been thinking a lot about the start of a new year and New Years resolutions and such like.

I never finished the book blogger new year challenge I started in this entry. I didn’t do too bad with write and confidence as my not exactly focus words for the year even if I did completely forget about them until I just read this entry again.

February So I made a conscious decision that I wasn’t going to go on NetGalley for a while.

Review of The Memory Book by Rowan Coleman. TL;DR It was really good, a lot of people found it made them cry. I didn’t cry but I don’t often cry at books.

March In February 2013 a woman called Reeva Steenkamp was shot dead by Oscar Pistorius.  

Disability issues and Reeva Steenkamp’s murder prompted me to write a second piece for (sadly non defunct) Bea a year after the first. This was promoting that and being a bit angry about it.

April When you’re given a wheelchair on the NHS it’s expected that it won’t be replaced for five years. 

Wheelchair thoughts. I actually ended up going back to wheelchair services in September for a repair that couldn’t be done by the mobile team. I thought based on what had been said in advance they were going to assess me for a new chair but they hadn’t arranged that. The hospital technician reckoned there was some more life in my chair yet but said he’d put me on the list for reassessment in six months. Which if he did will be in the next couple of months we shall see. I think it’s still probably got some life in it yet.

May There is a project called Everyday Sexism

Ranting about equality for BADD

June This evening I’ve been thinking about the fact that blogs are just a snapshot and no one ever gets the full picture.

Honestly I wish more people would remember that when it comes to any internet post.

July Typically, just after I hit publish on the post about doing the #bookaday prompts I saw on twitter than another publishing company has taken over BookADay and there is a new list of prompts for July.

The first of the June book a day prompts which I posted one per day to my blog in July. This one was favourite book from childhood. I enjoyed doing it but don’t think I’d do it again.

August Recently I was in a coffee shop waiting for a friend.

I was angry about assumptions and about private information. And reading it back now I’m angry again (also confused because I was too vague about another wheelchair user being horrible to someone I care about and I’m not sure what that was about).

September My first ever shift as a CAB volunteer was Wednesday 1st September 2004.

About the fact it was the 10th anniversary of my first ever CAB shift.

October So as I wrote when I posted my interview with Susan Fletcher earlier today I’m taking part in her blog tour for her new book.

Book review for A Little in Love by Susan Fletcher. TL;DR – it’s Les Miserables from Eponine’s point of view and probably one of my favourite books of 2014.

November It’s November

Waffle about November and NaNoWriMo and writing. I didn’t actually manage to finish my draft due to a combination of injuring my wrist and then getting some brilliant feedback on my novel and a suggestion related to that which means I need to make drastic changes.

December: A bunch of my favourite disability videos. Not all of them. And not the really cool one I just found because that’s getting it’s own entry.

I’d been been discussing videos about disability with a couple of people and wanted somewhere to put what would have been my choices had I had free choice. I never did post the “video I’d just found” that was getting it’s own entry.

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