Self Care Sunday

I have for the most part had a good week.

I’m not sure I’ve done too great at the taking care of myself part but I have taken my antidepressant everyday except one where I went to take it and couldn’t remember if I had or not. I was pretty sure I hadn’t but not sure. Anyway after much faffing  I decided to take one because I used to be on 100mg rather than the 50mg I am now so if I had taken two (slim chance) it wouldn’t matter. But I forgot to do that.

Yesterday afternoon I felt very low  about a very small thing- but I kept reminding myself that I was exhausted after spending the morning with family and the entirity of the day before in London so that wouldn’t have helped me deal with it properly.

When I was in Sainsburys yesterday lunchtime I saw that a book series I love had a new one out. It was in hardback and usually I wait for the paperback (even if I get it on Kindle) but I treated myself to the Kindle version and I’ve been enjoying reading it.

And (this is going to get it’s own blog but just in passing) I pushed myself to be brave do something I’ve been wanting to despite the “I don’t know if I like this” moment I had when I got there.  I was really glad I did because I enjoyed it.

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