What Happened Next

Last year I wrote about some problems I had staying in a hotel.  (TL:DR, I stayed somewhere had access problems and things were sorted out but got a bit ridiculous and then discovered an upcoming stay at another branch of that hotel chain may have even bigger problems).

I never wrote about when I went to stay at that other branch of the hotel. I wrote about what I went to London to do but the hotel stay itself worked out absolutely fine with no access problems (there were two small unrelated to access niggles but they were easily and quickly resolved). So why take the time writing about it? Nothing interesting to say there, a blog entry that basically says I was worried – in fact I was so worried that having spent the day with a friend before going to the hotel she insisted on coming with me as back up – but it was fine is boring.

When I met with the research student from Oxford University last month she specifically asked me about that and what happened next. I told her and that would be that.

Then I returned to that same hotel this week. I stayed there for the Books and the City Spring Blogger Evening.

Again I booked an accessible room and rang to request one with a shower.

I wheeled in behind a big group of American tourists. Before I’d even got to the desk, said hello or that I was there to check in let alone mentioned my name the manager was there saying “hello! good to see you again, welcome back.”  He’d been instrumental in sorting out all the ridiculousness that went on before my previous stay and we’d met then. In November when he asked what I was there for I said a conference but a fun one and he asked this time if I was going to another conference.

But that was back in November and this is March so I was pleased by the good service and also thinking “you know you’ve got CP when…” and “you can tell I caused trouble when I was here before.” because god knows how many hundreds of guests he must have greeted since then. The staff member who helped me get my breakfast the next day also said he remembered me from my stay before as did the one who helped me get my bags on my chair and check out.

He offered me the same room I had before which I took him up on. Then (before I got to the room) he realised it would be a little while before it was ready. So he offered to have it made up. But it was going to be about 30 minutes and I needed to leave again for the blogger evening in about 45 and wanted to get changed.

He gave me two choices – a room that met my needs on a different floor or an adapted room that didn’t meet my needs to change and leave my stuff in and then go into the room I had before. I took that option (because on getting out of the lift I had to go right by the head of the stairs and manuever through a door that opened towards the stairs which was fine but faffy and having the room I had before avoided doing that too often being on the same floor as reception and the restaurant).  I let them know when I was leaving and they moved my stuff when the room was ready.

So that’s the story of what happened next. And what happened the next time after that.

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