Q is for…

Q is for Quickie Salsa M

My powerchair is a Quickie Salsa M so what else to write about for Q? I use it daily and pretty much if I leave the house I do so in my powerchair. It’s my independence and so much more than that it’s my freedom.

These pictures were taken on the day I got it and it’s no where near as clean looking and is a little battered, three years later. It is however very well loved and a brilliant tool. Despite having had to have many parts replaced and it needing more maintenance than I believe it should do I wouldn’t be without it.

One of the things that amused me a lot when I got this chair was how impressed so many people were by the tilt in space on it – my previous powerchair had it as well but somehow it seems none of them noticed until they saw me in what they knew was a new chair.

I nearly didn’t get the seat riser (seen in action in this photo) which looking back would have been a huge mistake.  Being able to lift my seat up to a higher level is amazing.  it’s not the luxury the guy who sold me my chair described it as at all.

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