Self Care Sunday

This will be my last Self Care Sunday post for a while.  Having written one of these every week for four months I’ve decided to take a break for at least May so I can do other things with my blog.

Good things from this week:

I took part in the readathon.  I didn’t get anywhere near as much reading does as I have in previous ones but I’m mostly OK with that.

I spent today with a friend and we did something I’ve wanted to do for ages (one of my Twenty Things to do by the end of this year).  We went to the Botanic Gardens in Oxford and had a long look round and then went for a late lunch at Prezzo. Finally as I had some time before my train we went to Waterstones and I bought 4 books. For those keeping track despite deciding not buy books in April I have now purchased 6 of the things in that time.

I’ve either spent time with or had contact with several friends I’d been out of touch with for a while (weeks/months)


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