Reading Down My TBR Pile – Week Six

I bought four books in Waterstones last Sunday. And then I decided to use my audible credits and close my account with them as I have several books I’ve not listened to and 10 unused credits (credits have to be used before ending the subscription or you lose them). So I got many audiobooks – some were on buy one get one free. But most of those (7 or 8) were ones I’ve read before and loved and wanted to have the audio for so that doesn’t really count.

I’ve only actually read one book since the readathon (the books I read in that were listed separately)

Will Grayson, Will Grayson by David Levithan and John Green paperback, 310 pages, on TBR since September 2013.

I’ve been putting off reading this because I love John Green books and this was the last of his I hadn’t read (sort of, I haven’t read Let It Snow which he contributed to) and I didn’t want to have read all of his books.  Well now I have read all of his books and I really enjoyed this.  The way the chapters are differentiated to show the two different view points (one of the will grayson’s only writes in lower case with no speech marks and the other Will Grayson has conventional capitalisation and grammer) was brilliant.  I might not have any John Green left to read but I’m interested to read more David Levithan.

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