Reading Down My TBR Pile – Week 8

I nearly skipped this week because when Friday came around I hadn’t quite finished one book this week – I’ve been listening to an audiobook as well as reading this week which meant lots of reading but no progress on the finished side.  But as I have now finished a book I thought I should write a post rather than skip a week.

In terms of adding to the TBR mountain (it’s not really a pile). I received one book free to review which I plan to start reading this week and I treated myself to a new Star Trek book.  Which is the one book I’ve finished this week. I started reading it the day after I downloaded it to my kindle.

Because sometimes I skip between books and pick them up and put them down I thought I’d start making a note of how long it takes me to read things.

Star Trek: The Next Generation: Takedown by John Jackson Miller ebook, 369 pages, read in 7 days, on TBR for 1 day.

Oh Star Trek. I do love a Star Trek book. And The Next Generation is my favourite.  I enjoyed reading this and would recommend it.  This book focuses mostly on now Admiral Riker who is based on the USS Aventine captained by DS9’s Ezri Dax for the majority of he book.  There were some great scenes with Picard and other TNG characters but I’d have loved to see more of my TNG favourites.

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