Random Bullet Points of Life

For those little things worth recording but not worth a blog entry of their own.

+ I’m writing this while waiting for the powerchair technician to come out.  One of my tyres has a couple of splits in it (one serious) so needs replacing.  But it’s a castor and you usually have to replace the whole wheel. Plus, Mum looked over my whole chair earlier and it seems another castor has a chunk out of it. Not sure if that is going to need replacing too.

+ I have been sailing a grand total of once this year.  Hopefully I’ll get to sail tonight but if I’m honest I sort of doubt it.

+ I have finally learned how to crochet granny squares and am really enjoying them

+The remainder of this entry is written following a delay when the powerchair technician arrived

+Or it would be if I could remember what it was I was going to write


2 thoughts on “Random Bullet Points of Life”

  1. I’ve had lots of split tyres, not great and it was such a relief when I got the new ones. Fortunately, Alfredo (who’s a great handyman) was able to replace them in no time whilst propping my chair up on a few issues of the Yellow Pages while I was listening to an audiobook on my bed. My tyres had really serious splits in them and some just weren’t inflating well. Hope the technician was helpful and able to get things sorted for you. Other times, when my wheels were not great Dad’s taken them to a bike shop technician to look at 🙂 Great job with the knitting, and I hope you get to sail soon.

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