Reading Down My TBR Pile – Week 11

Not too much reading this week and I’m still trying to finish the same damn audiobook. It really shouldn’t have taken me so long and I’m a bit fed up with it now, it’s become a bit of a vicious circle. But with less than two hours left of it I don’t want to DNF it.

I bought two books this week but I’ve also made a serious dent into the books cluttering up my house as my mum and a friend are going to do a car boot next weekend in aid of the air ambulance and I gave them a bag full of I think 21 books – a couple of duplicates, things I’ve read and don’t think I’ll read again and a couple I doubt I’d ever get round to reading.

Here’s the one book I finished this week:

The Birds and The Bees by Milly Johnson paperback, 448 pages, on TBR since March this year and read in 4 days.

I picked this up at the Books and the City blogger event I went to in March.  I love Milly Johnson books and enjoyed reading this – escapist chicklit and funny too.  I’ve now read five or six of her books at least and I’d say I enjoyed one or two of them more than this but I also preferred this to It’s Raining Men which whilst being a very good book had a twist which annoyed me big style.  I always know what I’m going to get with a Milly Johnson book – a laugh, a bit of a feel good, and some realism.  And as I’ve heard Milly say both times I’ve heard her speak she only does happy endings.  That’s not to say she’s predictable – certainly the ending of The Birds and The Bees had an element I hadn’t been expecting.  I would recommend this but I think I enjoyed The Yorkshire Pudding Club more.

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