Your face don’t fit

Part way through a workshop this morning the tutor looked at me and said “Emma are you taking a selfie?”

I wasn’t. I was trying to unlock my new phone.

Or perhaps I should say I was trying to unlock my “life companion.”  That’s what the screen declares it. I thought a life companion was a strange term for a romantic partner but if that’s what we’re calling our phones now I guess I need to get with the times.

Last week I bought a new phone. It’s an S4 mini and I’m liking a lot. I’m still trying to figure out all the features but it’s very shiny and very cool. I love my iPad, would like an iPhone and am at heart an Apple girl, but for a phone that does all I need on a budget I can afford I’m rocking the S4 mini and loving it.

Unfortunately it seems my phone doesn’t like me (perhaps because I persist in calling it a phone)

One of the coolest features I’ve found is the facial unlock. I can just look at my phone and unlock it. I had the option of requiring it to check for my prescence and I tried that for a while – I’d look at it, it would decide it liked me and flash the request “now blink” on the screen before it unlocked.

After a day or so I changed it to just facial recognition. I love that I just grab my phone, glance at it and send a text or make a call without faffing with a pattern or PIN unlock. Or at least I can in theory. The reality is that I spend a lot of time using the pattern unlock and not the facial recognition.

I’ve seen a few “too dark” error messages. And one “battery too low to use facial recognition”.  All fine and and totally understandable – when it’s the middle of the night and/or it needs a charge, what else is it going to do?

Then there’s the times when it declares “sorry don’t recognise you.” It spent several hours today doing that.  I’ve been told that my face doesn’t fit before but I’ve never had a phone be the one telling me.Rather overstepping it’s boundaries me thinks.

Sometimes it’s even failed to even recognise that I have a face. “Cannot find face” is a particularly delightful message for your phone to share.

I’m still glad I choose this phone but if you’ll excuse me I’ll be spending my Friday night first convincing my phone that I do, in fact, have a face and not only that it’s a face that fits in with the phone.

3 thoughts on “Your face don’t fit”

  1. Emma, loved this! sounds a cool feature and useful once you get it to work (and I hope you do). I’m coveting the iPhone 6 in the kind of gold colour, which might just be a birthday present to myself if I start saving now….lol! I’m inseparable from my iPad and the iPhone seems like it’d be best for accessibility features, but yep, it’s pricey. Good luck with your phone, would love to see a pic!

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