Reading Down My TBR Pile – Week 14

I have not bought any books this week, been to the library, borrowed any from friends or been given any freebies. Absolutely zero books were added to the TBR this week.  It feels  like ages since I’ve been able to write that – it’s one thing writing these blog posts has made me very aware of – how often I get books.  I need to go back to not buying books for a while.

That said I doubt I’ll be able to say the same next week as the next book in a series I absolutely love is coming out this week so I’ll probably end up buying that.

This week I’ve read a couple of books from the 1001 books you must read before you die.

Villette by Charlotte Bronte ebook, 573 pages, on TBR for an unknown number of years, read in 6 days.

I’ve wanted to read this for ages and I’ve read part of it twice before but the first few chapters are weird and I couldn’t get into this.  I was disappointed because with the exception of Wuthering Heights I’ve enjoyed all the work by the various Brontes that I’ve read (I felt like I didn’t understand Wuthering Heights). Then this week I saw on twitter someone reading it and ask them about it. They said it was only weird in the first few chapters.

So I picked it up again and persevered. And actually it very quckly lost it’s weird and it was good. Classics are a very different read for me and I don’t read them as much as I used to. I enjoyed this a lot and it reminded me of my love for them. I hope it won’t be long before I read another.

Lolita by Vladimir Nabokovaudiobook (11 hours approx, 330 pages in print), on TBR for a couple of months, read in 11 days

This is the audiobook I started last week. Lolita was an interesting but at times uncomfortable read and definitely challenging.  I’m not sure I’d recommend it but it intrigued me and kept me listening because I wanted to know what happened.

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