State of the Blog

I didn’t have time to write my weekly reading down my TBR pile post on Monday last week. I was going to write a two week catch up post this week. But I’ve barely read anything – I didn’t finish a single book last week. So I wasn’t too bothered about writing it. I’ve yet to finish anything this week.

I’d say I’ve got lots going on and I have but it’s not the full reason. I’ve got no motivation for books and audiobooks and ebooks. I’m reading loads of fanfic and stuff on message boards but not the actual books and that. I have a couple of review books I’m excited by but I don’t have the impetus to get off the computer and read the damn things at the moment.

I do plan to restart these posts soon but it may not be next week.

And in general I plan to have a little bit of a relaunch of this blog in August.

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