Bad Blogger

Once again I’ve been a bad blogger.  In fact, a bad writer, and a procrastinator in general is probably a better way of putting it.

Still I’m not sure there’s any news I’ve not shared with my blog or any subjects I’ve wanted to write about  and I haven’t read any review books lately (I have a couple on my TBR so I really should…) so it probably doesn’t matter.

My general failure to work in NaNoWriMo this year is more of a problem.  When I wrote my list of goals for the year I had two writing ones.  And I accept that it’s not possible for me to meet both of them now but I can still work steadily on writing and achieve one of them (either of them, it’s the amount of time left in the year and both being big projects that prevents both rather than any other factor).

I wrote about 1400 words on the first day on a story I had a very vague idea for.  It was much more about the main character and seeing where she took me rather than a big plot.  And it quickly became clear as I was writing her tale that I hated her with a vengence and I couldn’t write about her.  So ever since I’ve been saying I’ll restart with the second of my ideas that I had.  But as yet I haven’t.  There is still time but I find myself procrastinating instead of writing and then getting really angry with myself when another day ends and I’ve played games online and reread old favourite fanfics rather than write yet again.

And this blog is another example of procrastination.  I came out to write in a coffee shop – and a friend may be joining me to write together – but instead of the novel I’m blogging.

Going to write. Right now.

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  1. You’re doing fine, Emma! Why not take that character you hate and put her in a story line. You could have alternate chapters, (love A, hate B, love A….) like some writers do. You can still use that energy to produce good writing.

    XXX 😀

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