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For a while last year (at least until the end of April) I wrote a blog post every Sunday called Self Care Sunday in which I detailed everything I’d done that week to take care of myself.  And then I got bored of writing the updates and assuming the habit of thinking about self care had stuck stopped writing them.  Pretty much immediately self care slipped down the agenda too.

I don’t really want to get back into writing a weekly blog post on the subject.  Often there isn’t a lot to say on the subject.  And I know from comments that people would make that what looks like self care to me doesn’t always meet other’s definition.

But I do need to get back into the habit of taking better care of myself – of both my physical and mental health.  So as blogging did feel like it helped with that I’m going to compromise and plan to blog about self care once or twice each month.  Perhaps that will allow me to focus more on it.

At the moment I’m sitting here drawing a blank trying to think of anything I’ve done this week that could be considered self care.  I had lots of plans and ideas for things I was going to start from 1st Jan.  But then I was full of a stinking cold and couldn’t do it.

I guess it is self care that I’ve not beat myself up about it and that now I’ve gotten better and got back into my daily routine I’m planning to go back to those goals and do them again.  And daily blogging is probably self care too.

But neither of them are the big things I’d hoped to be able to blog about.  That’s life though isn’t it?

I would welcome any self care suggestions people have.

3 thoughts on “Self Care Sunday”

  1. Those were going to be my suggestions, but you beat me to it. When you are sick, don’t beat yourself up over what you didn’t accomplish, unless what you did accomplish was to push yourself so hard that it will take you twice as long to recover – because that’s just stupid. Let it go and focus on your health. Without that, there’s nothing.

    Daily blogging is self-care, too, yes – IF it is a fun and exploratory exercise, or something that supports and moves your business forward, and isn’t just an obligation artificially created to torment yourself. 🙂 Either it’s fun or it’s needed (by you) or it’s both, and if it’s neither, do something else for the love of all that’s holy. THAT is self-care.

    I get where you’re coming from with this post. A weekly “how I took care of myself” series isn’t very interesting – and can be downright boring after a while. (Depends on the context. It’s like a weight loss blog. If you’re doing it in a community of folks who share the interest and are there specifically to support one another – like on SparkPeople – it’s awesome. But as a blog out there in the great big public space, with potentially thousands of diverse readers, we might want to portray ourselves as totally well rounded and not so self-absorbed. AND, it’s important to be relatable; that is, to share with readers how they can do the same, and how it will benefit them – OR make it clear why they should care that you remembered to brush and floss, this week. LOL YET – the benefit to us in blogging about it is accountability and building those good habits. It IS useful! I sometimes wonder if the reason I quit smoking quickly, when I did, was to avoid blogging like a stuck record.)

  2. If you need to hold yourself accountable in order to take care of yourself, try tweeting whenever you do something to take care of yourself, with a hashtag like #selfcare or #MeSoOthers. And what counts as selfcare to YOU is what counts, not what meets others’ requirements. HUGS

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