A Month of Blogging

After blogging everyday this month I’ve got no ideas for things to write today that I can actually write.

I’ve got several books to review but none are finished.

I’ve got a craft project to share but I need to weave the ends in before I can take pictures (and I want this blog posted before my takeaway arrives otherwise I’d wait and do that)

I’m going to be writing for a new website. But that hasn’t launched yet so there’s only a short intro post to see there.

It’s fair to say I’ve enjoyed my month of daily blogging and I’ve gotten a lot out of carving a slot of time each day to write and share thoughts here.  I’d been losing my love for the blog and I think this challenge has given me it back.  It’s also introduced me to several new blogs that I enjoy reading.

My mental health has been suffering for the last few days/week – it often does at this time of year and the weather hasn’t helped that – but there’s a part of me that thinks if I hadn’t been making the effort to blog each day it would probably have been worse.

I also suspect that a few of the posts I have written this month have been reaching and are probably pointless to anyone who reads them.  Written simply for the sake of writing and so I can say that this is a challenge I achieved rather than yet another thing I said I’d do and then didn’t. I’d like to do a daily blogging challenge again at some point however.

Over the last few days I’ve been thinking about what happens with this blog going forwards. Do I want to write on a schedule or keep blogging daily or go back to my prior as and when writing.  Or do I want to do something in between.

Part of me would love to keep blogging daily.  I think it’d be pretty cool to get to the end of this year and have a post for every single day.  But I think I’d need to get a lot more organised in order to do that. And having said to someone a few days ago that I’m trying to be more realistic this year, the realistic thing is that’s a goal I’m not likely to keep up for a whole year.

So in the name of both realism and self care I’m going to blog more. But I’m probably not going to blog daily.

6 thoughts on “A Month of Blogging”

  1. I agree — I tried blogging every day but it becomes a pressure rather than a pleasure. I now do it about 4 times a week and that is plenty — keep us posted how you do.

  2. I have enjoyed the blog challenge and while I usually have something to blog about, I don’t always have to time. But once I am challenged to something, I like to see it through and that I did! Many of my writings have actually come from reading some ones and that sparks a memory for me. Congrats on completing your end of the challenge.

  3. Emma,
    I understand you completely, I came into the challenge late, kept it up well for a couple of weeks and then missed a weekend, after that it’s been intermittent. Some days I’m too busy, other days I’m uninspired, mostly I’m not organized and still trying to figure out what I’m doing. Now I’m about to start a part time job and I’m still going to write but have to figure out how to work it into each day. I don’t want the pressure of an everyday blog, but I may do it once a week in addition to other writing projects. One day we will get this “writing thing” all figured out but until then, at least writing in my 5 yr sentence journal makes me write a little something every day.

  4. This blog challenge has been difficult…..finding the time everyday to do this is nearly impossible, but at day 30 I am doing it! Thirty days down and one to go! Once a week will be more realistic for me.

  5. I know how you feel. Once the challenge is over I think I need to decrease the amount of posts I put up each week. The challenge has really gotten me back into blogging, but doing it daily has been difficult. I need to reassess my blogging schedule.

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