Reading Down My TBR Pile (2016 Edition) – Week Seven

A mixed week for reading.

I binge read The Cake Shop In The Garden by Carole Matthews over two days and read the first 300 or so pages in pretty much one sitting.  I’d been wanting to read that for ages (borrowed it from a friend) and it was a fun read.  It was the sort of chick lit I really like – frothy and fun but still with a point to it and substance. I’ve been missing reading that sort of chicklit, so much of what I’ve read in that genre has felt like there was nothing to it.

And I finished listening to the audiobook of Lady Oracle by Margaret Atwood.  She’s definitely becoming a favourite author of mine and I think I want to reread The Handmaid’s Tale which was the first of hers I read.  As for Lady Oracle – there were a few moments where the MC said stuff that really resonated with me and it was an interesting listen.  But as I got to the last few minutes I was struck with the thought that there was a point to it or a moral in the tale that I’d missed.

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