Random Bullet Points of Life

Random Bullet Points of Life entries are for when there’s a lot worth mentioning but nothing that needs it’s own entry. Or not a lot of time to get things down and I don’t want to delay blogging any more. Today it’s a bit of both – a few things I want to record briefly and not a lot of time to write the long entry about another subject I have in mind. And I miss blogging!

  • I had to delete my blog completely and reupload it earlier this week. Some things aren’t working right (for one thing I don’t think any photos survived) and if you were getting email updates you definitely need to resubscribe if you still want to get them.
  • In the last week I have received some excellent looking books to review. So many that I’m not really sure where to start, I keep changing my mind what I want to read the most. I think probably Forever Geek by Holly Smale though.
  • Whilst I’ve been listening to a very good audiobook it’s been a while since I’ve actually read anything.
  • We finished a digital edition of Tenants Times and I’m really pleased with it.  I like our digital editions a lot (but I also like the print ones). That can be found here.
  • One of my 101 in 1001 goals is to watch 5 new TV shows from the 1001 TV Series to Watch Before You Die book. I started watching Bones this week. I like it but I can’t decide if I want to keep watching it.
  • I haven’t been out for lunch this year. Now I am going out for lunch/drinks with a friend next Saturday and have two offers for lunch on the same day the week after. You wait all year…
  • For Christmas I got a set of KnitPro Symfonie Knitting needles and I am very much loving knitting with them.  The only problem is I now want the crochet hooks too (luckily they don’t seem to do a set like they do with the needles though because keeping using my current ergonomic crochet hook set is a much more sensible idea.
  • I’ve been picking at trying to learn to do Tunisian crochet but it’s not coming easy.

And I Would Walk 500 Miles…

Last Saturday marked six months since I got my Quickie Jive M (I think I can no longer call it my new powerchair). I had done 487 miles in that time.

I was, however, a tiny bit disappointed that I hadn’t done 500 miles because then I could have written a blog entry using the Proclaimers song for a title. I was still going to write a blog entry about having had the chair six months.  But I was taking my time getting round to it.  Then this morning I did my 500th mile.

So now I can both write a blog entry about having had the chair six months and using the proclaimers song for a title. This is silly but makes me happy.

That’s absolutely flown by in many ways.  And it blows my mind to have done so many miles. To have been so many places and done so many things that I wouldn’t have been able to without a powerchair. Some of which I wouldn’t have been able to do without this powerchair.

When the wheelchair tech delivered the chair he referred to it as “black beauty” (because I’d been so insistent on having it in black).  It’s still black now but wether he’d still call it beauty I don’t know – it’s muddy with the odd scratch and several loose bits – Mum had to come round as an emergency on Saturday when I found a bolt hanging out and tightened that and several other bits. One of which is already hugely loose again. And it’s noiser than it was.

The number of miles I’ve been doing per month has been lower over the last few months as I’ve been doing less in the cold weather.  And my wheelchair batteries are definitely not holding a charge as well as they were because of that cold.

I’m definitely looking forward to the warmer weather and getting out do more things again. I think my next big trip will be Birmingham to see Billy Elliot the Musical in April with a uni friend but I’ve got a date in the diary for cocktails in Reading with a twitter friend and other things are a work in progress.

It definitely feels appropriate to end this entry like this

…and I would walk 500 more!