A wheelchair related thought

I’m very excited about my new wheelchair coming but talking to other people about what I’m getting and why and how wheelchair services works has been interesting.


There’s been a definite difference between how other disabled people have taken the news of what chair I’m getting (generally very positive) and how able-bodied people have taken the details of what chair I’m getting (quite negative but in a way that I suspect they think is supportive). At times this has been frustrating and even difficult. I won’t go into any more details because this isn’t meant to be a criticism of anyone or anything.


It’s been eye opening and it’s something that I have been thinking about a lot as there are parallels to a situation I see at CAB often but I’ve never really got before now.  I still don’t think I get it but I can see how and why it happens more now.


2 thoughts on “A wheelchair related thought”

  1. I think able-bodied people tend to think of it as you needing more support because degeneration, whereas disabled see it as a new set of wheels like getting a better car.
    If someone is not disabled or hasn’t lived with/cared for a disabled person they do not understand the mindset of most disabled people.
    It’s just like a social difference and a little bit of unintended ignorance.

    Congrats on the new wheels x

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