Self Care Sunday

Self Care Sunday has been an occasional series on my blog for a few years. I think this is the first time I’ve resurrected it this year. It’s a way to stop and recognise how I’ve been taking care of myself that week. Both the big fun things but also the little, boring but important ones that make up the big picture. I can struggle with seeing that big picture.

This week I’ve been tired and I was in bed earlier every night Sunday – Thursday. I was late home on Friday and needed some wind down time before bed. I’ve been wanting to get to bed earlier for ages so it’s a start.

I’ve also managed to implement a routine for when I do a physio task with carer support (basically just them being there for moral support) for the second week running and fitted it in an extra time.

And I’ve been keeping up with my blogging, working on my crochet and made time to read. It’s nice to work on my hobbies, not just waste time on the internet.

All in all, not the most exciting week or the best at taking care of myself (I definitely need some healthier meals and more water). But a pretty good one, all the same.

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