We Are Disabled #blogtober

I love twitter. I don’t do as much with it as I used to as my boundaries have changed (as they have with a lot of online stuff – I am missing the times when the internet community was smaller and people knew you but they only knew an online, anonymous you). But I still love it.

One thing I enjoy about twitter is RoCur – rotation curation – accounts. Those are the ones where a different person tweets every week or even everyday. There are different ones for people from certain places, who work in particular jobs or who have certain interests. They give a snapshot of people’s lives and experiences.

I’ve done People of UK three times and the now defunct Oxford Is Yours once. The @NHS rocur account is another I find really interesting to read. I’ve long thought that there should be a disability RoCur so I was pleased to discover We Are Disabled a few months ago.

I got access to the account this morning and will be hosting it until next Monday evening. I see it as a useful tool and a potentially fun thing – I’m enjoying it so far. I don’t see it as an awareness raising opportunity in the traditional sense but it’s possibly helpful to help others show a disabled reality.

And luckily or unluckily (depending on which part and how you see it) yesterday’s trip to London gave me both good and bad disability things to tweet about when I get a spare minute.

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