The Future Starts Here

One of the exhibitions we went round at the V&A on Monday was The Future Starts Here – 100 projects shaping the world of tomorrow. Going to that was a spur of the moment decision but definitely a good one.

Some of the things featured where everyday type products – iPhone’s and smart devices (Amazon Echo/Alexa, specifically). Some were products and projects I’d heard of like driverless cars and cryogenics (referred to as “life extension”) – I couldn’t decide if the emergency kit and instructions for what to do when someone who has chosen cryogenics dies were scary creepy or interesting.

Others were things I had heard of used in different ways – crowdfunding had been used to build a bridge and that was featured. And there were things I wouldn’t have thought of.

The whole exhibition was very thought provoking, well laid out (much easier to get round than the Frida Kahlo one) and I was pleased we had chosen to add it to our day. I’ve been collecting pictures and ideas for writing prompts recently and found several interesting ones to add in there. I think my writing might be going to take a very sci-fi twist if I use them.

At the end there was a collection of letters and a sign reading “The future is” with a stage underneath. Instructions encouraged you to use the letters to spell out what the exhibition made you think the future would be. Take a picture to share online.

So I did (or rather my friend organised the letters for me). I couldn’t get my wheelchair on the stage. So there was only one choice of word

Emma in her powerchair wearing a pink top with her hair in plaits. She’s sitting in front of a bright pink stage that has a step to get on it. A sign above reads “the future is” and Emma’s friend arranged letters on the stage to read “inaccessible”
The future is inaccessible

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