At The Moment (4th Jan 19)

I follow a couple of blogs who post weekly or monthly updates on what they’re up to – things they’ve done, what they are watching, crafting and reading etc. I also follow a couple of blogs who post daylogs either in daily entries or a few of them every couple of days. I used to do similar back when I was at uni and blogging was still outside the mainstream. But now I hardly do and I kinda miss it.

I thought to start with that I might try and start writing a daylog again but we all know that’s a goal I’m not likely to meet. And to be honest most of my days lately have comprised of hanging around the house for hours on end reading or crocheting or watching Criminal Minds (or some combination of the three) and popping out to the supermarket or the chippy only. I really need to get back into my regular routine again post Christmas, I’m beginning to crawl the walls a little bit.

So I thought a once a week blog was the way forward. I’m currently thinking those will be a Friday thing and will be called “At the moment” but it’s flexible.

At The Moment

I’m a bit stiff because I haven’t done proper physio in weeks – the disability gym session I go to for physio hasn’t run in almost a month and we’re out of my standing frame routine since my Dad retired. I have started doing a little bit of physio while my carers are here again (since Wednesday) – it’s something I can do independently but have no confidence with so I do it while they write their notes.

Crafts wise I’m working on a blanket for Woolly Hugs. I got a blanket kit for my birthday but it requires working in rows rather than in the round. And I’m much more used to working in rounds as I found getting started in chain tricky and knowing where the last stitch of a row is trickier. So this is a practice piece.

I have been writing – I’m working on a project I’ve had in mind for a few months that’s nonfiction. I don’t plan to share this publically (or much about it) at the moment but I’m pleased with what I’ve written and if all it ends up being is for me I’m happy with that.

In related news, I have signed up for WriYe (Write Year – a year long challenge along the lines of NaNoWriMo) and have set myself a goal that on the face of it is so ridiculous I’m not going to share it here. But at the same time it might not be so impossible as it seems…

I’m reading! In the last year or so I’ve been finding I have the motivation/concentration to read or crochet/knit or write so the fact I’ve been managing to find time and ability for all three this week (even if not all three everyday).

I went into Reading yesterday. Came back with just the two things on my list and nothing that was on my maybe list. It did me a lot of good to be out, out for the first time since before Christmas.

Finally, because I’ve previously found it useful to have this sort of thing recorded on my blog, I picked up most of a new set of compression wraps today – smaller ones! I still need one calf wrap as the company sent two left leg wraps instead of a left and right (then tried to claim I could just use a left wrap on my right leg – which is true but not for the fact my swelling is worse on the right side so I need a bigger wrap for it). Hopefully that won’t take anywhere near as long as getting the rest did.

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