At the moment (11th Jan 19)

A recap on this past week.

I haven’t finished a single book this week but I continue to listen to an excellent audiobook most days, I’m dipping in and out of two ebooks and I did read a couple of chapters of a paperback. Plan for the weekend is to finish a book!

Crocheting the blanket continues – it’s an ever evolving plan. I’ve put it aside to try to finish knitting a scarf I started before Christmas. I have two other scarves made and I want to get them posted off to charity.

Slow progress on the writing but there is progress.

Mum helped me sort my lounge a bit yesterday and my evening carers have been using the odd spare five minutes to keep on top of my kitchen. That and getting back into routine have helped my mood.

I went into Oxford today and met a friend for a catch up.

And I think that’s all for this week.

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