At the moment (25th Jan)

Not sure there’s a lot to say about this week!

I went to a writing workshop on getting new ideas. We did several exercises. One of which I like (it seems like I came up with a cohesive piece), another has potential but was too rushed in the workshop. Other things were good to do but probably best abandoned.

I’m reading and knitting. I tried to start some crochet but went hideously wrong somewhere.

The powerchair tech picked up my Jive first thing this morning and as he left this morning he mentioned this would be the first time they’d fitted the redesigned part to a Jive (it’s made for a new model -Q700- but intended to retrofit to a Jive). And I thought about how I’ve been the guinea pig for disability stuff my whole life and it often doesn’t go well. One of other techs dropped it back this evening. And they hadn’t been sent everything they need to put it on a Jive. So my failure guinea pig rep holds.

I haven’t been anywhere of note this week, just my usual day to day stuff. But Mum did pop in briefly on Tuesday and brought Henry with her. We shared a flapjack because I think treats at Auntie Emma’s house needs to be a thing.

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