Jinxed it!

I wanted to write a post about how proud of myself I am about something. I’ve been telling everyone about an achievement since last weekend.

Unfortunately telling them seems to have jinxed it!

My care package has been in place for a year now and not once have them come and found me still in bed or in the shower. I’ve always had a set of wraps ready to wear and I’ve never been having a “crap I have no clean clothes” or other major crisis. I have been only part dressed or just in a towel a few times but that’s usually down to their changing the time and not telling me.

They’ve never come so drastically late that I’ve had to abandon waiting for them or decline my care to get to things I had to do (It came very close once when I had a doctors appt an hour and a half after they should have left) They have interrupted my dinner in the evenings a few times though!

I’m really proud of myself that I’ve managed a year of this. Of getting up early than I’d like (or naturally wake) and of dealing with the tie having carers represents.

Then on Monday night I was telling that carer. “It’s been a year and I’ve never been in the shower! I’ve never had to miss out because they’ve messed up!”

Tuesday the app the carers use glitched and they ended up over an hour late to me. My lift to physio was outside as we were wrapping up.

Yesterday as that carer left she said “I’ll see you tomorrow morning, I’m coming at 9”. And the rota I received at the end of the last week said the same thing.

This morning I took advantage of that and had a 30 minute lie in. Which meant when one of my other carers knocked on my door at 8:30, I’d been out of the shower less than 5 minutes. I was wrapped in a towel with a bundle of clothes I was about to put on in my arms. As I tried to juggle those and my keys to let her in I dropped my knickers. Luckily she wasn’t phased by either my lack of clothing or my “good morning, could you pick my knickers up please?”

I am still really pleased by what I’ve achieved but I’m going to stop talking about it before they come on Sunday and find me asleep.

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