At The Moment – 14th March

This is the first thing I’ve written this month. Not good but also good to be putting fingers to keyboard once again.

So what’s happened since I last wrote?

The bathroom is finished but there is a problem with some of the paint as the wall is still drying out. It looks rather grim but I’m told anything they do now will need to be done again once the wall is dry so there is no point.

I tied myself in absolute knots over costs and logistics and about a million other things that on the grand scheme of things probably don’t matter but I now have very exciting plans to do something in a couple of weeks that I’ve wanted to do for years. I’ve spent a lot of time lately sorting that out and thinking about it and planning etc. I probably don’t have time to fit in even half of what I’ve thought of. But sometimes I think the pre-visit excitement and planning etc is a big part of the fun. And yes, I am being deliberately cryptic.

Mum and I went to see Kinky Boots the Musical. I wrote a separate blog post about that but it was really good and I enjoyed it. I enjoyed the New Theatre less but I was glad to get there again and draw a line to something that had lingered for a long time. I think when I wrote the blog before I said I wasn’t sure if we would if we would go again but I’m still listening to the soundtrack a few weeks later and I think we probably would (or I would at least)

Last weekend I went to Birmingham to meet up with my friend Rachel who I went to uni with. We had a good wander round and a catch up in an Italian restaurant. I had some yummy spaghetti.

I’m making slower than I’d like but consistent progress on a crochet blanket in blues which I’d say is why I haven’t been writing. But that’s not the full story, it’s why I haven’t been writing this last week since I started it but not before that. I have been reading but not a lot and I haven’t been finishing books! Said crochet blanket is why I haven’t done much reading this week although I do have an audiobook on in the background sometimes.

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