Some News…

…not the big deal, slightly life changing news that people usually post online after the words “Some news” but I couldn’t resist it for a title.

A friend just wrote in an email to me that she hasn’t really seen any news type blogs lately. And she’s right, I haven’t been sharing any.

But I’m also not sure there’s any major news to share. Having said I wanted to share more of the day to day stuff though, here’s what’s going on. Several of these points probably deserve longer entries of their own, but this will do for now.

My wound on my thigh is healed. It was a much less scary experience than I thought it was going to be (probably helped by the fact I did avoid an actual pressure injury).

I am reading but I’ve not read any review books for a while. I’ve been thinking for ages about possibly giving up book reviewing in this form but it’s a hard decision to make. I’ve done it for a long time and I certainly don’t have the energy and enthusiasm for it now that a lot of people do. I may just go back to writing a short sentence or two about each book I read – years ago when I first was on twitter I posted a tweet about everything I read. So maybe doing that on twitter or Insta is the way forward. And yes, I’m aware that I’ve almost definitely blogged about this before.

I am slowly crocheting lots of things but mostly talking about a project I really want to do rather than doing it.

It’s almost November and I think I’m going to give NaNoWriMo a proper go again for the first time since I think 2014 (maybe 2015). I don’t anticipate going to any of the events this year but I will keep going to Didcot Writers stuff. I’ve been thinking about my idea a lot and I have a vague list of scenes. I’ve also done some reading about novel planning but I haven’t written a proper plan.

And that’s all the news.

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