Reading Thoughts

I feel like I’m reading more regularly at the moment than I have in a long time. I also feel like my 100 book goal for Goodreads is actually going to be met this year – and with longish books rather than novellas and serialisations (like the novel released in 4 part ones).

I’m enjoying reading more too and reading different stuff. It feels like sci-fi and memoir are going to feature heavily this year but we’ll have to see. Certainly I’ve read and loved two memoirs and a scifi book since Christmas (in amongst other things).

And I’m trying to be more mindful in my choices and in my buying books this year. I’m relatively sure that as much as I’d like this to last all year it won’t. But I’m trying to tackle the mountain that is my to be read pile by only buying books from actual bookshops not supermarkets or discount retailers (not that I generally shop in the Works due to accessibility reasons but that sort of thing). And also by having a rule that every time I buy books I can’t buy more until I’ve read those books and at least one other that’s on my shelves unread. I’m making an exception for books of essays and short stories though because I always dip in and out of those. It’s making me read things that I’ve had for ages and I’m enjoying the books that at one time I wanted to read.

You could probably say I’m having the equivalent of a depth year when it comes to reading but it’s something I’m not sure about. Whatever it is I’m enjoying reading again and seeing where it takes me.

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