Not the start to 2021 I wanted

I had all these plans for things I was going to do on New Years Day. I was going to read lots, use my motomed and update my blog. I was even going to change the layout on here. I might have done some crochet too. And I was definitely going to do some writing

Basically I started New Years Eve with a plan to do all sorts of things on New Years Day so that I could “start the year off right.” Start working immediately on all the things I want to achieve this year. But by the time I went to bed shortly before 1am after seeing the back of 2020, it was obvious that I was probably getting a cold.

I woke up New Years Day with a definite cold and have spent the three days so far this year in a fug of olbas oil and snot. Achieving little more than faffing around on my ipad, listening to an audiobook and watching Netflix.

Hopefully in the next few days I’ll be feeling a bit better and can start work on my 2021 goals. But I also told a friend a week or so ago that I wanted to try to stop beating myself up about all the things I could/should be doing but am not. So perhaps I have started working on my goals after all?

One thought on “Not the start to 2021 I wanted”

  1. Well here’s a new year first for me……..and brilliant ending to your blog thanks the ba’est made plans of men eh? ( I mean persons of course) If plans going awry lead to blogs like that then 2021 bring it on

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