Stick a needle in me…

…I’m done!

I went to Reading last Thursday afternoon, to one of the vaccine hubs, and received my first dose of the Astra Zeneca covid vaccine.

It was a year to the day since I’d last been at CAB. It felt pretty huge and I had a bit of an overwhelmed, happy cry as I went into the lift in the venue. It was also so quick and easy that there felt like there should have been more to it – 15 minutes after I arrived I was back in the car park, practically at the time my appointment was booked for (I’d been early and allowed straight in).

I went to a hub because it looked like I was still going to have to wait a couple of weeks to get it done more locally. That turned out to be incorrect (I could have had it two days later in Didcot but by the time I knew that I’d already booked) but I enjoyed the drive to the hub (we went the scenic route) and at least this way I do know when I’m getting my second dose.

Friday morning I had a few symptoms that were could be vaccine but also not massively unusual for me. Friday evening I was more achy that usual and had a bit of a rash on my arm but not the one I had the jab in (I was in my manual chair all day Friday and that could explain both of those) and I had a bit of a temp but not high enough to be an official fever just higher than my usual.

My poor powerchair survived the jab much less well than I did – it started making a noise as I wheeled in from the car park when I got dropped home, had to have a short notice visit from the wheelchair tech on Friday and needs a new gas strut again.

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