Random Bullet Points of Life

A few things that I’d like to record but which I might not get around to sharing in a full blog post (going by my current track record)

  • I have a new niece! Her name is Elodie and she is just over a month old.
  • I went to Birmingham last week to meet up with my friend Rachel. We went to Wildwood for lunch, had a good wander round and had a catch up in Costa. It was the first time we’d seen each other since Feb 2020 and the first long train trip I’d done since early March 2021. It was fab but I was a bit over travelling by the time I got home.
  • I hope to travel more next year; I really miss London.
  • Mum and I went to see Six the Musical at the end of August (can’t remember if I shared that), Pat and I went to see Bat Out of Hell in October and then a week later Mum and I went to see Jason Manford. Six and Jason Manford were both brilliant. Bat Out of Hell is based on the music of Meatloaf. The singing was great but the plot was a bit confusing and let it down.
  • On the grounds that it’s not November if I don’t do NaNoWriMo, I’m writing a lot. It’s not massively cohesive because 1) I’m not a linear writer and 2) I’ve done parts of 2 projects. I also am very unlikely to hit 50k but writing more is good.
  • I’m also crocheting a lot. I’m working on my 4th blanket of the year.
  • I have stopped wearing wraps and have been just in (stronger) compression stockings for slightly under a month. It also means I have been able to start wearing Skechers again! I am still not convinced this is a permanent change but it’s going better than I expected

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