Life is feeling quite like it’s back to what we considered normal pre-covid. Which is lovely.

But at the same time, several members of my family had covid a couple of weeks ago, masks are still a thing and I had to do a LFT before going out on Fri because I was all sneezy and snotty with probable hayfever but add in being tired and achy (not unusual for me) and it needed checking.

So it’s looking more normal but it’s also not. And add in other people having different boundaries for normal and it gets a bit weird.

But in the last six weeks this new normal has seen:

Meeting up with the writers in person again for the first time in months.

A pub lunch

Two trips to Birmingham to meet up with Rachel. We went to the theatre both times and saw Beauty and The Beast the first time, Joseph the second. I liked both but Joseph was amazing, it had been changed a lot since I last saw it.

A weekend away! Tied into the trip to see Joseph I spent two nights in a Premier Inn. It was so nice to sleep in a bed that wasn’t my own. As well as the show I went to an exhibition (Birmingham City of Empire to City of Diversity) and had a wander round the shops. And drank wine and read my book in the hotel bar. The Sunday I came home early ish because once I was back we were going to…

A show at Cornerstone. I, Elizabeth. A one woman show telling the story of Elizabeth I. Very interesting and thought provoking.

Coffee with a friend.

Afternoon tea with the fam for Mothers Day and a BBQ with the fam on Easter Sunday. Both a lot of

A trip to Reading to buy summer clothes.

Breakfast with Mum and then a visit to Waterstones. I had given her a gift voucher and a list of suggested books for Mothers Day so we went to look at those. But I also bought five books.

It’s not really any wonder I’m exhausted and stiff and my lymphoedema has flared up is it?!