>No you aren’t seeing double…

>Just realised that the last three entries have each posted twice.  That’s to do with my attempts at posting them automatically from Thing A Day.  I think I know why it’s happened and I’m going to attempt to have it not happen tomorrow.

>On reposting

>I don’t think I’ve ever covered this here so this is officially my new blogging policy on if you want to repost all or part of one of my posts (or tweets).

If you want to copy anything from my blog or quote me, please keep the quotes short and share a link to my blog/the original entry.  Also I’d really appreciate it if you let me know.

In my opinion, with  a post that includes “please repost” or pass this on message is a little different.  If you rewrite the request in your own words that’s cool, you could always put that you found out via me and it would make me happy but if you write it it’s cool without.  

If you copy my original announcement word for word copy and paste from my blog that’s really not so cool.  And for the love of god acknowledge the fact that I was the one who wrote it with a link!  Even if you only copy part of my entry and add thoughts of your own it’s only polite to acknowledge the work and the time I’ve taken in writing part of it.

These blog entries take me time and effort and a lot of thought and it frustrates me so much to see others passing my work off as their own (even if it is a “please repost” entry of mine and doing so is not their intention the result is still the same).

I try to do the same with other people’s blog entries and if I don’t manage to do so can only apologise.  

I’d hate to be seen as a bitch because of this but it’s almost copyright theft and it’s such an annoyance of mine.  With a couple of instances of this having occurred I thought laying out my thoughts on the matter was a good idea.

>Thing A Day 2009 – Day Seven: New Header Image


I attempted to put a new customised version of kubrick on my blog as the layout as my thing today (and in fact for a while had one of my older customisations up – the one I did as one of my things during my failed attempt at thing a day in 2008).  

I thought I had saved the version of the sidebar where I’d taken it to pieces and made it more me about a year and a half ago so all I would have to change were images, fonts and colours and maybe a few other tweaks (like my twitter feed)  but it appears not.  And I have neither the energy nor the inclination to do that from scratch tonight.

So I made a new header image for this layout.  This layout contains a rotating header script which I love because it means the layout is different many of the times people come to my blog (I have seven headers I think) but for the time being I have deleted all but the new one.  I will add them back on here in a few days.

It’s a picture of a firework going off which I took a few years ago (either 2005 or 2006 I think).  I forgotten about it but just found it tonight when I was going through old photos looking for one to use for a new header.

The quote underneath it says:

“We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand… and melting like a snowflake. Let us use it before it is too late.”

Marie Beyon Ray 


>I’m making a load of changes to this website this weekend.  Hopefully you won’t notice much whilst I’m doing them but will when they are done.  But I’m starting off with a wordpress upgrade and you know how paranoid I am about those!

>New Layout!

>I love this new layout and I will write more about it soon.  But for now all I want to say is you might wish to refresh your browser a few times because it has a couple of surprises when you load the page 🙂  I can see myself having a lot of fun w/ this look!

>Internet blahs

>I’m finding the Internet a very annoying and irritating place lately.  I’ve heard several stories lately of blogs I follow either being fakes themselves or being the victim of fakers – stealing their photos and passing them off as their own etc. No to mention all the blogs that are spammers and use some of my content… so many of my incoming links are that it’s unreal.

So as you might have noticed I have removed all of my photos from this blog and from my facebook page.  Most will be watermarked and will then return however I don’t have the time, patience or inclination to do all of the 100+ photos that were on here nor the nearly 150+ that were on facebook (some of which but no where near all were both on here and on facebook).  What you won’t have noticed because I’ve only just done it is that I’ve added a copyright notice to my RSS feed.

Can I ask how many people follow my blog through my RSS feed?  Because something I’ve been thinking of is disabling it.  RSS is apparently one of the biggest ways fakers and spammers and blog scrapers get their content.  But I’m still thinking about that at the moment.

The other thing that gets to me at the moment is all the catty, bitchiness that goes on in others comments and some of the clicqueness I see.  But the answer to that is simple, stop reading.  So, for a few days, just for those blogs, I have.

>I’m Sorry

>As a blogger I try not to write things in my blog which people I actually know would prefer not to be public knowledge.  And I also try not to include too much detail which may identify the people I talk about on here.  I hope not to upset people by writing things which are incorrect or otherwise may be inappropriate.

I try, I don’t always succeed.

Equally, I believe that it’s important that I am honest and open here.  So I don’t censor too much other than as I described above.

Sometimes doing stuff like that comes back and bites you on the bum.  And I’ve been thinking a lot about should I write about so and so and such stuff this evening.

I deleted my previous post at my mums request following a heated discussion.  It’s the first time I have ever  deleted a post at someone else’s asking.

It may well have been inappropriate for me to post that here.  And I upset a few people for which I am sorry.  All I can say in my defense was that I was under the impression that everyone involved had already been told and that I tried not to identify anyone.  Had I been aware that I was actually one of the first to be told I would never have written it.

I’m sorry.  I can’t say any more.

I think I might be going to take a bloggy break for a few days and consider the future of this blog.