>My Tattoo

>Someone on the NaNoWriMo forums posted in the plot realism section asking for people’s stories about getting and having tattoos. They asked a lot of specific questions but I didn’t really answer those. I thought it might be interesting to share that story here.

I have chronic depression. When it was at it’s worst I would tell myself I didn’t have a tattoo yet (always wanted one) so I had to keep going and battling through. So I knew that as long as things went on like that I would never get one. About five, six years later I was recovered a lot and no long had some negative or worrying thoughts so I got my tattoo. It’s my symbol that I’m recovering and of everything I’ve overcome (although few people actually know that). It’s a gecko and all I can say is I just knew that I had to have a gecko before I went. I then looked up the meaning of geckos as spirit animals and found a lot of information that was very relevant to me. Oh and when my sister went to the same tattoo parlour a week before they’d had the radio on. When I went they were watching Titanic whilst doing all the tattoos. It was slightly surreal in that if I was asked to name a film I would expect to watch whilst waiting for and having a tattoo done, it wouldn’t have been Titanic!