I love music.  And I love parody songs. Sometimes I hear the parody songs first and then discover the ones they’re based on – because I rarely listen to the radio a lot of new songs seem to pass me by for a while lately.

At the moment I’m particularly enjoying this parody of All About That Bass by Meghan Trainor – All About That Change.  It’s especially cool because it’s a parody that Meghan Trainor sings herself (along with James Corden who I’ve never really seen much of).  Apt for this time of year and it made me laugh.

But if I’m honest the number one parody song is always going to be All About That Chair by Heather Schouten. I love it. And sometimes I struggle not to sing those lyrics when I hear the regular version.

A Powerchair’s Eye View

I’ve been lent a gorilla pod after a couple of us who are working on a video project wondered about the possibility of using one to mount a camera on my powerchair.

It works really well mounting the camera on the armrest of my powerchair and I’ve enjoyed playing with it.  But the videos make it very clear just how bad the squeak of my chair is – the tech who came out last week did succeed in replacing the wheel with the busted tyre but his attempt at sorting my squeak was a big failure. Here’s a powerchair’s eye view of my trip to the park this evening

(video of a park.)

I did take a really good photo in the park though (although I took my phone out of the gorillapod to take it)

My shadow on some grass - my seat riser was up to it's highest so the shadow includes the workings of that.
My shadow on some grass – my seat riser was up to it’s highest so the shadow includes the workings of that.

I haven’t yet been able to get the gorilla pod to grip on to my manual chair. I don’t have arm rests on it and there’s very little in the way of frame it could go on and the bits I’ve tried haven’t worked. I think that’s a problem with the chair rather than with the gorilla pod. If I can get it to work before I go to the sailing club on Friday for the Challenger regatta I may do a quick “spotted at the sailing club” video. I suspect that a gorillapod would almost definitely work to mount a camera or a phone onto a challenger and would get some excellent video/photos (might need a bigger one). But I don’t want to try it for fear that as soon as the boat heeled over my phone and the gorillapod would be in the water. I do need a new phone but that’s still a risk I’d rather not take.

I strongly suspect I’ll be treating myself to a gorillapod of my own when our project is over and I have to give this one back.

>Not Acceptable

>Regular readers of my blog will know that the R word is one that I hate.  I’ve written about it many times before and unfortunately will more than likely have cause to write about it many more times in the future.  An argument I’ve made to many people is “if you wouldn’t use … (insert derogatory term about another minority group) then don’t use the R word”.  It’s hate speech, it’s unacceptable and it hurts.  It actually, physically, hurts.

Unfortunately the R word is alive and well at present as demonstrated by the fact that Caitlin Moran used it in her recently published book which is being pimped left right and centre.  Nicky Clark has written about it here and has had something of a success (Caitlin Moran tweeted something of a pathetic apology and an attempt to justify it and the publishers say any reprints will have the wording removed).

That’s why I was so pleased to see this video (and not just because it includes people from Glee) which will hopefully help towards putting the R word in it’s coffin once and for all.

To help Spread the Word to End the Word, you can visit where you can find information and resources and also take the pledge. Please do so.