>The Obligatory Tuesday Update On: MY WEIGHT

>I am a little disappointed this week although I’m trying not to be.  I’m up 2lb.

It’s probably because I’ve got my period (which given that all the problems I’ve been having with that are likely weight related is a good thing) and I just keep reminding myself about that.

I have exercised every single day this week.  Mostly using My Fitness Coach Dance Workout but I’ve also been swimming once and as I mentioned yesterday I did what is for me a lot of walking on Saturday.

Here’s to some downward movement on the scales next week!

>On the move again at last

>Yes, this week finally sees some progress.  I was feeling very discouraged so that is definitely a good thing!  Basically I cut out pretty much all snacking and it’s definitely worked.

I’m down 2 and three quarter pounds this week.  Which puts me back down to my lowest weight of this journey.  I won’t make the “virgin fat next week” comments I did last time because I think that jinxed me but… here’s hoping!  I’m 17 stone 4 3/4 pounds now (242.75lb) and I really hope to end September with the number that starts with 16 stone something.

I was thinking about a rest of the year goal yesterday.  I did consider 15 stone 13.5lb as my goal as that would be three stone lost.  But I can’t help feeling that’s totally unrealistic.  Whatever happens I’ll be happy because I really have come a long way.  However I would like to have made a pretty decent dent in the 16st part of things and be on my way to 15st by 2011.

I’ve bought a couple of new Wii games in the past week and at least one of them will be great for exercise.  I had a go at it this morning and loved it.  A second one may also do good for exercise but I’ve not tried it yet as it needs the nunchuk and I can’t find it!!

>Slipping a bit.

>This week I am up two pounds.  Which is a little disappointing although I’m not really surprised either.  This past week probably hasn’t been the best it could have been in terms of healthier eating etc but it wasn’t horrific either and I’m still not drinking Coke or eating Chocolate so that’s definitely something.  To be honest I was probably due for a bit of a blip around this time because I’ve been doing what I’ve been doing for 11+ weeks now and I probably need to shake things up now.  In a way I’m surprised I haven’t plateaued a bit before now.

Plans for this week are to really push the water as I’ve been drinking a lot of squash, ribena and diet lemonade lately. Try to use Just Dance everyday (I love that game so much and am really pleased that Just Dance 2 is coming out this year!) as I didn’t really manage that this week.  And cut down on my snacking.  I don’t snack anywhere near as much or as often as I used to but it is creeping back up a bit if I’m honest.

And speaking of honesty I must admit that I am fed up and stressed out at the moment.  After tomorrow I have a pretty good break coming up for the next two and a half weeks (which I’ll blog more about tomorrow or Thursday) and I have to say it’s very welcome.  As I walked back from the bureau yesterday all I could think was how good it was going to be to chill for a while and take it easy.

>A Bordering on TMI Update Type Post

>Being that it’s over a week since I wrote a “proper” catch up type blog entry I thought I better see what I could do about that right now.  This entry contains items which fall under the category of TMI – you have been warned!

The goals I wrote about a few weeks ago are… OK but kinda stalled.  My TV license is renewed, I’ve e-mailed or called or spoken to on facebook chat most of my friends I wanted to catch up with but not all.  I have looked briefly into changing my ISP but need to do more for that really.  I haven’t even started my shawl I want to knit.  And the no coke and no chocolate thing went really well. /sarcasm. I gave it up Sunday afternoon and was back on it Tuesday lunch time.  Yeah.  Need to work on that one a bit harder!  Although I am pleased that the Monday was a terrible day and I was really upset about something that happened and I felt ill from the lack of my treats but I still stayed strong.  Working on my emotional therefore I eat link is probably more important.

I went to the doctors last Tuesday to get my prescription renewed.  It was actually only my fluoxetine that needed doing but she’s done both.  My baclofen dose is now written differently so I get more each time I get a script and I can take it up to four times a day instead of the twice I was taking it.  I need to read up on that a little because I’ve got a feeling it works on building up to get the full effect so taking an extra here and there on bad days may not be the best way to do things.  Anyway I’ve been taking three a day since then.

There was some discussion when I last went that I might have polycystic ovaries.  Which is a wonderful condition which little is known about I believe.  I am assuming she means PCOS but since then I’ve done some reading which suggests it’s possible to have the syndrome without the cysts or the cysts without the syndrome.  Basically I’ve been skipping periods and then having really long heavy ones and then getting another period really soon (too soon) after the last one and lather, rinse, repeat, basically.

For example I had a period mid October.  Didn’t get one again until 1st Jan which lasted until the 14th and then got it again on the 31st. That lasted my usual five days only which I was relieved about.  I must admit that I was beginning to get concerned that I could end up anaemic.  And yes, I do know that this is TMI for a lot of people but 1) I believe in sharing because it could help others (or me) and 2) I find it useful to have this noted down for my records.

Anyway she said the hormone levels I had done in August weren’t particularly worrying (she used a different phrasing but that’s what she meant) – I was concerned about their validity as I got a period two days after they were drawn but she didn’t seem concerned about that.  There was some discussion about ways that we could treat it (i.e. regulate my hormones) which would be difficult as I can’t take the pill – if you took a list of possible side effects and contraindications of the pill you could cross out contraindications and retitle it “reasons Emma can’t take the pill” I have that many of the contraindications.

The suggestion was Noreisterone for so many days between certain days in my cycle each month to make me bleed.  But in my situation she prefers a wait and see approach and to see if my losing any weight makes a difference in the situation as she thinks my weight is probably what’s caused the polycystic ovaries.  That makes sense to me as it treats the probable underlying cause as opposed to just the symptoms (screwy periods mostly).

So I’m to see the nurse again on Tuesday to chat about my weight progress (I set that up before I saw the dr) and then I’m going to be getting on with this with a vengeance again.  My Dr did comment that I look a lot better than the last time she saw me and also that I look slimmer too. She also commented that I’m sitting better in my wheelchair which is interesting. Plus on the same day my sister commented that my tummy looked smaller.  Progress!

I’ve played on my Wii everyday apart from one since I got it – I use it for exercise and I really think that’s got a lot to do with my current success.  I do wish that I had my scales back already though – so frustrated that they broke and I’ve not heard from them (returned for repair or replacement due to the warranty).  But it’s not been long enough really to chase it yet.

The games I have are Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort, Just Dance and Samba de Amigo.  I play the Sports Resort and Just Dance the most really and Samba de Amigo is probably the one I play the least.  That’s hard. It kills my arms.  Fun though.

I’m going to be doing some accessibility and/or disability awareness type work with my housing association it seems.  In fact I met with my housing officer on Friday and we spent half an hour walking around the estate I live on so I could show her areas where access isn’t great.  I think the fact I nearly came out of my chair going down a slope at one point (a part I don’t go to usually) really highlighted the fact that a better ramp is needed there!  Plus she asked about things I hadn’t considered too.  There are two more things I’ve been asked if I’ll do (but not arranged) and a few more possibilities so that’s good.  I won’t go into how that came about because it’s not all resolved but I’ll just say that it seems like good things come to those who complain!

I think that’s probably about it for now

>Lots of Different Little Things

>So I figured it was probably about time I updated this here blog about a few things.

First,Thing a Day is awesome.  It’s a challenge to create one thing a day every day in the month of February.  It should be a complete new thing and can be anything.  A picture, a photo, a piece of writing, a meal, some form of craft, some baking absolutely anything.  I’ve attempted it the past two years and intend to sign up again this year.  I also intend that this year will be the year I complete it!  I have actual plans for a lot of things this year so it’s potentially more promising.  I had planned to sign up today but I see now that they’ve delayed sign up until 24th January.

Something sort of unexpected happened today which made me very happy.  Can’t go into more details but I’m pleased.

I have made zero progress on my 101 in 1001 list so far this year.  Not great but my Dad has lent me his Lord of The Rings DVDs so hopefully I can watch that soon.  I hear the forecast is heavy snow for Tuesday night so maybe if I can’t go to the bureau as planned on Weds I will do it then.

101 in 1001 is a list of 101 tasks which a person sets for themselves and then they have a time frame of 1001 days (about 2.75 years) to complete them.  This is my second list and it explains more about the project at the top of it.  Of my first list I completed about 50.  I think the official website of the project is Day Zero (this is the correct link here, the one on my list is down at the moment).

Weight loss or attempts at such I can’t comment too much on as my scales are broken and have to go back for repair or replacement.  They were sent Saturday so I have no idea when I will get them back or even hear what is happening.  I have still been making baby steps with my eating though so it should be stable if not losing a little.

But the big news is that I bought a Wii.  Most of the exercise/keep fit games they have are no good to me as they require the balance board.  Which is no good for a wheelchair user!  I have however found several activity/exercise games which I can do from my chair.  I’ve had it about ten days now and I’ve been using it for exercise everyday – they’re quite hard work and a lot of fun.  Because of the high cost of buying the Wii I am determined to use it everyday to get my moneys worth from it.  And my arms are aching and I’m getting out of breath when playing on them too so it must be some good form of exercise.

Finally, as some of you will know, I used to take part in the 100 Book Club where people shared what their reading goals (in terms of pages and/or number of books) were for the year and posting regular updates.  If you hit your goal you got your name highlighted and if you hit the 100 book goal you got a lil icon.  It didn’t run last year so I guess it’s now defunct.  And I really missed having that sort of thing.

So I’ve set up my own challenge or group blog for readers over at Reading Challenge.  It’s gonna run a bit differently to the 100 Book Club and it’s designed to be inclusive and accessible to all.  So all are welcome if you goal is 100 books or just 1 short story or anywhere in between.  It’s supposed to be about enjoying reading and maybe making some new friends.  Leave a comment either here or over there if you want to join or send an e-mail to writerinawheelchair@googlemail.com  if you felt really nice you could also pimp the project on your own blog 😉

>Snowbound 2010 Day Five

>(Geordie accent, male voice) 

“It’s Day Five of Snowbound, 2010. Emma, usually out and about all the time has had a good day but is slowly starting to go insane”

I have had a pretty good day today I cleaned out the fridge (yuck) and gathered up all the rubbish and recycling in the house which my sister than chucked out for me (snow is so bad I couldn’t get to my food waste or non-recycling bin even though they live by the front door although I might have got to the recycling bin which is literally right next to the door).  She also put a fresh sheet on my bed.  I did some washing too and tidied the bathroom a little.

Soph stayed round for about an hour and a half or so chatting. She had a go on my Wii too (Molly wanted to know what games I have – Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort with Just Dance on order from Amazon too).  It was good fun and we were discussing whether Sophie should get one as well.  It was almost as much fun watching Soph do canoeing and sword fighting and table tennis as it is doing it myself.

 My parents went to Tesco and got me some stuff but didn’t call to see what I wanted as it was “so early” which amuses me because my sister rang me at 10.15 and I thought she said they had just left.  They didn’t have their mobile on but they thought of the most important things.  My Dad brought it round this evening and also took my washing back with him as my dryer is not working at all right and although I can use it my mum was worrying there would be a fire.

Not long after Sophie left a really good friend called me to say she was at Sainsburys and would be coming round after what did I need?  To which I went “I haven’t got any money in the house” and she said we’d sort it later.  She got me a few more bits too including a big thing of bacon and some very yummy looking crusty bread – mmmm gonna have me a lovely lunch tomorrow!  She just stayed for five minutes or so but it was very nice to see her and chat a bit.  Hugs too are always appreciated.

I really appreciate how much people are doing for me although the independent streak in me does make it hard.  I think the thing that probably meant the most was a CAB e-mail that went round about during the snow and when I e-mailed to say “sure you’ve figured this out but I can’t do anything, can’t get out.” I got an e-mail back to ask if I was ok for supplies as she (manager) was sure something could be figured out if I needed anything.  I was really touched and a little bit choked up reading that.

The snow does seem to be melting a lot today so that’s promising but I think the forecast is still terrible.  It did try to snow a little more today but I don’t think it settled.  Hard to tell, if I’m honest.


>The snow means I haven’t left the house since I walked home as it was falling Tuesday night.  And there is no chance in hell that I’m getting out of the house tomorrow either.  Realistically at the moment I can’t see Sunday being a day out either but who knows for definite.

I was supposed to go see the nurse on Thursday; that got rescheduled to Tuesday but the pessimist in me now sees it getting rescheduled AGAIN.

The “I’ve been stuck in the house for three days with no end in sight blues” AKA Cabin Fever has just struck within the last hour or so.  I’ve actually done much better than I did last February when I was stuck in the house for four days straight (I think) and was a sobbing tearful mess by the end of day two – Thank you PROZAC!!  Of course it helps that I twigged on this was likely to happen so was able to get a good stock up of food and what have you.  Supplies were just beginning to run low tonight but would have been OK for a few days for me but my Mum called and said she was heading to the supermarket so she got me some bits as well.

I think actually other people having had to do things like get my prescription and do my shopping is the bit I find hardest.  I’m too independent for my own good sometimes.

Good news is that a courier made it to my front door this afternoon and I’m now the proud owner of a Nintendo Wii.  And even though I’ve not left the house in days I still managed to spend an absolute fortune this morning on theatre tickets… most of which will be paid for by others but it’s still all on my switch card for now.