A couple of years ago I did some private journalling and found it very helpful but as these things go with me the habit didn’t stick.

I then a bunch of journalling workshops in 2020 and 2021 via Writers HQ and really enjoyed them. I again managed to do some journalling outside of those but didn’t stick to it. Unless drafting blog posts and leaving them unfinished and unpublished counts as journalling?

Journalling is something I want to do, enjoy, and find very helpful. But I find motivation and sticking to it hard as I do with many things. I plan to journal, I buy fancy pens and notebooks or I set up another blog. But perhaps what I actually need to do is just return to posting on this blog several times a week and journal here?

A few people I follow online have been journalling using Bloganuary – a set of daily prompts. And I’ve found them very interesting and inspiring. I’m going to have a go at writing something for each one – mostly late because I am always late to a party. But I plan to attempt to get at least some of the upcoming ones posted on the day they are set.