What is your favourite photo you’ve ever taken?

I don’t know what my favourite photo I’ve ever taken is. I have lots of photos I love from different times or ones that meant a lot at the time but maybe don’t mean so much now as life moves on. I don’t often look at old photos but I always have one as my ipad background.

Here are a few of them (just descriptions as most of these aren’t on my ipad or phone, getting sorted out with proper photo storage in the cloud and some prints is on my to do list for this year).

I love a photo of me and my Nanny which I think was taken in Christmas 2003 or 2004. I only know that it was that late because I bought that top at uni and it was taken in my parents kitchen and they moved to that house in 2003.

I have a fabulous picture of toddler Henry (one of my nephews) sitting in my manual wheelchair. I got out to get in the car, turned round and he was sat there. I also have a cool pic from the same day of him helping my brother to push me.

Two more recent photos I love are one of me and my sister with our brother’s children. Elodie, the youngest, was only a week old and it was the first time we met her. And one of me holding Elodie this past Christmas when she was about 10 weeks old.

Another photo that makes me smile is one from a moment I missed. My friend’s husband took it and she sent it to me. It’s from my 40th birthday party year. I was blowing out the candles at the time and it’s a picture of my sister in law holding my nephew Rafe who wasn’t quite two at the time. You can see from his expression that he’s trying to help blow out the candles.

I think that is why I love photos so much. Because they allow me to remember and reminisce but when people share photos with me they show me things I was part of but perhaps didn’t see.